Benefits for People

Jasmine listening to a female patient in the Wainscott osteopathy clinic
Osteopath assessing the lower back of a female patient.

Here are some of the reasons why you should see an Osteopath:

– Reduce pain

– Feel in control of your pain

– Improve mobility

– Improve function to do daily tasks e.g. going for a walk

– Gaining the ability to do things you enjoy again

– Optimise your sporting performance 

– Aiding your recovery from an injury, accident or post-operation

– Preventative care

– Aiding in lifestyle factors e.g. Exercise management, ergonomics, postural advice.

Female osteopath treating lower back pain of a patient lying on a medical plinth
Osteopath stretching the neck and shoulder of a female client.

When should I see an osteopath?

– If you have pain or discomfort in the body, head or limbs

– If you have stiffness in the body, head or limbs

– If you have nerve pain/neurological symptoms

– For maintenance or routine check-ups to prevent pain, or stop pain from worsening

– If you would like pro-active lifestyle advice e.g. postural advice, work desk set up, injury prevention

– Improve your technique in sport by focusing on improving mobility and strength

– If you would like stretching and strengthening exercises.






Below is a list of common issues that is treated with osteopathy, however the list doesn’t cover every issue:

– Back pain

– Neck Pain

– Sciatica

– Joint pain

– Muscular pain

– Nerve pain

– Generalised tension

– Spasms/cramps

– Sports injuries

– Arthritic pain

– Headaches

– Migraine prevention

– Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain (including frozen shoulder)

– Hip, knee and foot pain

– Fibromyalgia

– Rheumatic pain

– Digestive problems.