About Me & JOsteopathy

Headshot of Jasmine Chapman, who is an osteopath and owner of JOsteopathy.

Hi my name is Jasmine Chapman (M.Ost), founder of JOsteopathy, I started my business in 2017 driven by my passion for helping others to be pain free and enjoy better mobility. Firstly I provided home visits for people, then later in 2018 I began working with animals as well.

I have worked as an associate osteopath in Dartford, Gravesend and Orpington, where I have worked extremely hard to gain the credible reputation that I have today.

When I moved to Wainscott in 2021 I decided that I wanted to help our local community. So in 2022 I started my new business venture, opening up my clinic in my own home. I really wanted to create a homely, yet still professional environment that does not feel too clinical. It is important for clients to feel comfortable and at ease during appointments because I understand how osteopathy treatment is most effective when patients feel relaxed.

Female osteopath is listening to a male patient speak about his back pain, and is taking down notes.

I trained at Swansea University where I graduated with first class honours in my Masters in Osteopathy during 2016. My special interest is in joint hypermobility, which I studied and researched as part of my dissertation. My experience now is in both the private and NHS sectors, gained during my training, my particular focus being on chronic pain management.

I believe passionately in both educating and reassuring patients so they themselves can fully understand their own pain and treatment. In my spare time you will find me playing both the piano and guitar, running or going to the gym and renovating my house! 

I am a devoted animal lover and have owned pets all of my life, attending dog training during my teenage years. Also completing two canine and two equine post-graduate qualifications – post-grad certificates in 2017 and post-grad diplomas in 2018. 

My love of animals combined with these qualifications mean I now work to alleviate pain and suffering for both people and their beloved pets.