Services Available

I offer osteopathy sessions for people, dogs and horses and Humans. Our sessions range from 30 to 60 minutes, and I also offer half/ full day rates if treating multiple animals.

Your first session includes:

– Case history on current complaint

– Previous medical history – in case anything from before could be contributing to now

– Health systems check – this is to help rule out any nasties early on, occasionally what appears as joint, nerve or

   muscular can be coming from something else, such as an organ

– General health (e.g. current medications, lifestyle, family history)

– Standing/postural assessment

– Active movement assessment

– Passive movement assessment

– Specialist orthopaedic testing/systems check where appropriate (e.g. blood pressure, neurological testing)

– An explanation of my findings – in the rare event treatment is not suitable I would explain why and refer you to the

   appropriate medical professional

– General advice, treatment or rehab – length of time depends on how long case history and assessment takes.

Follow up session includes:

– Reporting any updates (e.g. how you are improving)

– Quick re-assessment to help analyse your progress

– Longer treatment

– Rehab exercises and/or advice if appropriate.

Always feel free to ask me questions at any point during your appointment. My aim is to make you feel at ease and I want to educate and empower you so you feel in control of your pain.

For Animal visit the appointments include all of the above plus:

– Gait analysis

– Additional coaching for owners on gentle massage and

   joint mobilisation techniques to aid in between sessions.

You have the opportunity to ask me questions at any point during your animal’s appointment. My aim is to make you and your animal feel at ease and I want to help you both manage your animal’s pain.